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In Denial (I'm not sick)

Plastic, marker, wax, plexiglass, LED
36" x 90"


In denial (I'm not sick) offers a reflection on the defense mechanism: denial. This project questions the impact of denial on our physical and psychological health. Every day for two months, the artist wrote "I'm not sick" (I'm not sick) on several plastic surfaces dipped in wax which were then layered on top of each other. The obsession with always writing the same sentence allowed her to reflect on the difficulty and the act of refusing to confront her own painful memories. Indeed, being in denial is the unconscious refusal to confront a reality perceived as traumatic or painful. For some, it is difficult to be vulnerable and these people will instead live in a state of denial for an indefinite period of time which can create a barrier between our self and our inner truth.

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