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Connecting from the inside out

video installation, 4 channels


Connecting from the Inside Out is a video installation exploring the body's memory, healing, and traumas in women of color. Consisting of four screens, the installation delves into the concepts of individual and collective healing by collaborating with dance performers who explore movement and voice through the principles of Body and Mind Centering (BMC). Facilitated by her sculptures Objects of solidarity, Dam invites the performers to translate ways of being together through reciprocal gestures, thus emphasizing the idea of solidarity and collectivity. The installation creates an immersive environment where the audience can immerse themselves in the practice of somatic dance. It also aims to raise awareness of violence against women, particularly women of color, and to promote collective healing and social justice.



Artistic direction: My-Van Dam


Co-choreographers: My-Van Dam, Miranda Chan, Aurélie Ann Figaro, Jeimy Oviedo and Nicole Jacobs


Performers: Miranda Chan, Aurélie Ann Figaro, Jeimy Oviedo and Nicole Jacobs


Somatic practice direction: Be heinztman Hope


Costume design: Rad Hourani


Sound design: Tomas Furey


Photo direction: Nadia Louis-Desmarchais


Camera and lighting assistant: Sandrine Maltais


Hair and make-up: Estelle Moubarak

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