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Exposing my Memories
Exposing my Memories
slate stone, plexiglass, concrete
Place-des-arts in Montreal
Exposing my Memories is a sculptural installation related to the subject of loss, grief and resilience. Through her installation, artist My-Van Dam invites the public to perceive grief as an end, but also as an opportunity to reinvent and rebuild oneself. In her project, the artist is interested in the memories and emotions linked to loss as well as the potential for reconstruction through this extremely complex experience. In order to question the place of mourning in our society, Dam exposes the grief process of her family after the loss of her father with an installation of three large transparent columns. In them, inside, there are slate stones piled up one on top of the other. Each stone is engraved with a sentence, a word or a poem from the writings of her mother, her sister and her own texts. Through Exposing my Memories, Dam invites the public to discover her family history and invites the public to share their stories and to see grief as an intimate, but also universal experience.

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